Russian Education Assessment: Identity, Print, and Information Design

While employed at iCarnegie, our company competed on a bid to provide the Russian government both an assessment of their current collegiate level education system, and instruction on how to structure their upcoming tech-focused Innopolis University. The bid became highly competitive, with several entities offering solutions to win a potentially nine figure contract. For iCarnegie it required all of our staff –Psychologists, Designers, Engineers, Anthropologists, and more– to work together and craft documentation that was simple to understand, but deeply exhaustive in its research. 

Eventually the Russian government reviewed all of the submissions and awarded the contract split to 3 businesses, iCarnegie being one of them.

As described above, the images here represent the efforts of not only myself but the work of many. My role was to collaborate with another graphic designer to design appropriate graphs and visual depictions of the raw data provided to us. Together we shaped the information into a nearly 200 page document that was subsequently bound, printed, and later reviewed by the President of Tatarstan and his personal aides. Happily, his aide remarked that the design of the assessment was the best he had ever seen in his lengthy career. A delight to read, even.