iCarnegie Global Learning: Web Design, UI / UX

As a graphic designer at iCarnegie, a business subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University, I was asked to redesign a new website for the company from the ground up. The website would serve as a multi-faceted tool by aiding our company sales representatives, being a login portal for clientele, communicating company updates to the public and displaying the “global reach” iCarnegie had acquired internationally.

The company focused on three sectors of business to reach potential clients: Government, Education and Industry. Furthermore, iCarnegie’s existing offerings were subdivided into the following programs: Teaching Excellence, STEM, Software Development, Game Development, Executive Education and Educational Strategy. All of these sectors and offerings were to be showcased on the homepage of the website alongside recurring news updates.

Below are static examples of the web designs, iconography and photography that I designed. The web design was fully developed by our in-house developer.