Hand In Hand: Logo and Identity Design

This logo was designed for a client of NFM, but was rejected in favor of a new direction. Instead of casting this design into the trash bin, I chose to finish it by exploring potential directions for it's identity. Since it's original design was focused as a logo for a nonprofit division of a privately held company, I saw no reason to deviate from it's original intent as a mark. Those constraints, after all, would provide the framework for myself to adhere to as I take the logo one step further.

The client was seeking a mark that conveyed cooperation, unity and trust. I accommodated these requests by designing a logo that depicts two hands committed to a handshake. To further cement the action taking place, I bound the contours of the hands with one solid, thick line. This benefitted the logo furthermore by increasing the contrast between shapes while maintaining it's visual integrity at reduced sizes. I also chose to use rounded shapes and angles whenever possible to present the logo as friendly. Sharp angles can often bestow a sense of tension where shapes come together, a feeling not conducive to the overall feeling the client was intending with this mark. 

The client received the logo quite well, but felt that it was too business savvy instead of charitable. However with this feedback we gained better insight into what direction they were seeking, and eventually proposed a new logo and identity for them under a name of their choosing... Better Together.